Benefit Browvo update

I’m still going through the slow and painful process of growing my brows out by not touching them for 4 months. I know right? I’m crazy. I’ve got stray hairs galore butI’m hoping it’s worth it in the end! And I’m trying to help the growth along with products.

So I’m just updating you with a photo of my brows, so you can see if there’s any progress from using Browvo twice a day for almost 3 weeks.

The top photo is from today, and the bottom photo is from the 17th July.

After a week of use I thought I could see a little progress, but now after 3 weeks, I honestly think that the only progress is from me allowing my brows to grow out.

Perhaps it’s helping the hairs to grow more quickly? But I don’t think it’s enough to warrant the cosy of the product.

It’s lovely as a primer before using brow mascara, so I’ll continue to use it as a primer until it runs out, but I won’t be buying it again unfortunately.

I’ve just bought a brow and lash serum, So I’ll update you in a few weeks on the progress from that!

T x


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