Brows: L’oreal brow artiste plumper 

I mentioned in a previous post that I’m following some guidelines I found for growing out my brows.

I’m still in the process of growing them out, so in the mean time I’m trying to make them look fuller.

I spotted L’oreal brow artiste plumper in superdrug, and I’d read some good things about it online, so I picked one up.

So here’s my brows (and face) before any makeup

And here’s my brows after using browvo primer, followed by the L’oreal brow artiste

Excuse My slightly wonky looking eyeshadow, this is after a day at work and I rub my eyelids without thinking sometimes! 

I have other products that I use on my brows when I have more time to make them look more defined, but I really love the brow artiste plumper for quick application, it’s so easy to apply, and you can build it up too like you would with mascara.

It definitely makes my brows look fuller and tidier too! 

It lasts all day even with my oily forehead, tbh I don’t know how it will hold out in a rain shower but if my face grease doesn’t make it budge then I have high hopes! 

I’ll show you my other favourite brow products in the near future!

Do you have any great brow recommendations for me?

Let me know!

T x


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