Benefit Browvo: 1 week progress

When I was in my teens, thin eye brows were a necessity. Everyone plucked their brows to within an inch of their lives, and if you had big fat brows you were the laughing stock of the school!

My brows used to be quite bushy, and had a mind of their own, So of course I plucked and plucked to make them behave.

Now, 15 odd years later, I seriously regret doing this. I’ve been trying to get my eyebrows to become fuller, so I have to fill them in less with brow mascara or pencil.

I tried a couple of years ago having them waxed at a salon, but I hated the uniform look it gave my brows, and she took waaaay too much off them, even though I asked for a small amount only to be removed.

I found this article a few weeks back about leaving your brows alone, completely, for 3 months. Like, do not pluck them for 12 weeks. Scary.

It’s been about 4 since I last plucked mine and they are so messy, lots of little stray hairs all over the place. But my brows weren’t seeming to thicken up, there were areas that were looking thin and patchy.

So I did a bit if reading and came across Benefit Browvo, a conditioning primer that keeps brows in place on its own, and makes your pencil or brow mascara stay in place and look better. It also claims to nourish and grow your brows! I decided to give it a try.

It arrived a week and a half ago. The top photo is from the dayit arrived, the bottom is from today.

And although it’s only been just over a week, in sure I can see a difference?
My brows are bare in both pics, just after I’ve washed my face and followed my skin care routine.

I’ll keep you guys updated with the Progress!

Are there any brow growth serum you recommend? Let me know!

T x



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