Dealing with PMLE/PLE

For the last few years, I’ve suffered with Polymorphic light eruption, Which is put simply, a rash caused by exposure to the sun. It’s itchy and unsightly and frustrating.

When it first started happening around 5 years ago, it would only happen on days with very high UV levels  (rare in the UK haha…) So it wasn’t much of an issue.

But gradually over the last few years it has gotten worse, and this year being the worst one yet. I had never seem a doctor about it until this year, when they gave me a diagnosis, though I had self diagnosed it as PMLE and was treating it as such at home.

Low levels of UV in the spring were causing the rash to appear on my hands and lower arms, and any other areas exposed to the sun.

I’d previously used any brand of sun screen, factor 50, whatever I could find cheapest. But these stopped working.

After doing some research, I found Eucerin Sun Creme-gel, designed specifically for sun allergy sufferers, with UVA and UVB protection, and it has been my life saver this year so far. 

Im taking fexofenadine antihistamines too, for the sun allergy, hay fever and other allergies, but I still get the rash on fexofenadine alone, although it really helps with the itch.

If I have a day where I forget to wear sun screen  (which I never forget to do now, when it’s sunny) I have bought the sun allergy after sun creme-gel, though I haven’t had to use this yet, reviews say it really helps to sooth the sun allergy rash. 

I’ve read lots of good things about heliocare capsules too, for PMLE, though at the moment they are an extra expense that I don’t need, as the Eucerin is working so well for me right now. But it’s definitely something I’ll try if the PMLE gets worse.

Do any of you suffer from PMLE? Any good products or remedies I should try? Let me know!

T x


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