My favourite foundations for oily/blemish prone skin

If you wear make-up, finding the right foundation is vital. It’s the base of your face, it’s what holds everything together. 

You could have the best seductive Smokey eye, the most fantastic feline flick on your eyeliner, a perfect plump pout. 

But if your foundation isn’t right for you, it will ruin your entire look. In the past, I have used many different brands and types of foundation. Most of them completely wrong for my skin. 

The worst one being an illuminating foundation, I though, oh yes, that will give me a wonderful dewy glow. It looked great! For an hour. Then my face was sliding off, not a good look. I didn’t understand at the time, that this product was not ideal for my oily areas.

Then on the other hand, very matte foundation. Which emphasized the areas that were a little dry, and made my face look very flaky, and the oily areas went very cakey (that’s almost a poem!)

So I’m going to show you my current three favourites, which I use on different days depending on weather, how my skin is that day, and how much time I have.

I have other foundations that I use for evenings (very rare!) And during the winter when my make-up is less likely to try and slide off my face, but for now, here’s my summer favourites.

Clinique anti-blemish solutions liquid foundation

This foundation is designed to fight spots. It has medicated ingredients which help to prevent new spots, clear current spots and reduce redness. 

It is oil free, has a lightweight finish, and looks natural. It is neither matte or dewy, it’s somewhere in between, so it almost looks like you aren’t wearing foundation.

I find it is best applied with a beauty blender, when I tried with a brush it didn’t give such a natural finish.

The bad points: I find that it does not last all day, so carry blotting papers to absorb any excess oil. It also doesn’t contain any SPF  (that I can see, anyway. It isn’t written on the bottle or anywhere on the Clinique website) So you’ll have to apply SPF first. It’s also the most expensive out of my three favourites, although it seems to last a long time. 

I don’t use this on hot days as I know it perhaps won’t last all day.

La Roche Posay Effaclar BB Blur 

So it’s a BB cream instead of a foundation, but it’s not like any other BB product I’ve used. It’s not creamy or oily like Most, it feels like a very soft whipped mousse, and it’s so lovely to apply, it glides on so easily.

This contains ingredients designed to absorb excess oil, form a lightweight film over the skin that still allows your skin to breath, blur fine lines and imperfections, and adapts to the shade of your skin. 

I’ve found that it is best applied with your fingers, as it blends best this way, when I tried a brush and beauty blender, I found it looked patchy and didn’t adapt well to my skin colour.

It’s oil free, and non comodegenic, which means it doesn’t clog your pores and create new blemishes. It also contains SPF so there’s no need to apply sun cream first.

The finish is more matte than the Clinique, but it does not look powdery, it gives a fairly natural finish, and does last well during the day.

The bad points: as it is a more matte finish, I’ve found that if I have any particularly dry patches on my skin, I need to apply more moisturiser to these areas before applying this BB cream. Also, if it’s a particularly hot day, and my forehead sweats, I’ve found that the foundation darkens a little, it’s not so bad that I look orange, but its does get slightly darker than my skin.

I’ve used this on warmer days, but if it’s very hot or humid, I will avoid it because of that slight colour change issue.

E.l.f b bare foundation serum

This is the cheapest of the three of my favourites. 

It doesn’t claim to have any spot fighting properties, but it does claim to minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines (and it does!) It contains SPF, so that’s one less product to apply.

It doesn’t feel anything like a foundation. It feels very watery at first, and I was worried that it wouldn’t give any coverage, or would look patchy, but it gives a good even coverage, it builds very well and blends easily too. You do have to blend fairly quickly, as it does dry fast.

It looks as though you are not wearing any foundation at all, it has the most natural finish of the three, it helps to cover some redness from spots, and reduced my dark circles too. It made my skin look like it was glowing, but without that sweaty looking shine effect that dewy foundation finishes give to my oily skin.

This is my favourite product on very hot days. We’ve been lucky to have a few wonderfully hot days in the UK recently and this has been my go to product, it lasts all day, and amazingly somehow my skin didn’t look too shiny at the end of the day.

The bad points: it doesn’t cover spots. Yes, it reduces some redness, but e.l.f also do a beautifully bare concealer, which matches the shades of the foundations, and that worked well for covering the spots, and I used a little on my dark circles too. If you want to build the coverage, you have to work quite quickly before the first layer dries too much.
I have linked the cheapest places to buy each product above each image  (cheapest as of the time of me writing this, and in the UK)

Have you got any foundation recommendations for me for oily/combination skin?

And if you try any of these products, let me know how you get on!

T x 


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