Eucerin dermo purifyer anti-blemish regimen review 

My reasons for starting this blog, were to document my journey in finding the perfect skin care routine for Me (along with a few other things I’m trying to improve!) & in turn, hopefully help others with the same problem as Me; blemish prone skin.

So my skin is combination, some areas or normal (can be dry in winter) and other areas are very oily, and develop blemishes quite quickly.

I had been using Dermalogica for a few months, and was finding that I was still getting a lot of blemishes. So I did some research, and found the Eucerin regimen, and saw that it had lots of fantastic reviews. With it being reasonably priced (compared to Dermalogica, and Clinique which I have previously used), I thought I’d order the 3 step kit, plus the night cream too.

The kit that I ordered came with the cleanser, toner, and hydrating care moisturiser.

Many people had reviewed the active night care too, saying that along with the 3 step system, this really helped to clear up their skin. Some stating that it was literally an overnight effect, applying the cream and waking up to visible results.

I did not find this happened in my case, but as everyone’s skin is different, I carried on, following the 3 step system morning and night, using the active night care instead of the hydrating care in the evenings.

Here’s what my skin was like before I started using the Eucerin:

There are a couple of large pimples on my chin, and a few tint pimples elsewhere on my face too.

On first impressions, the products all have  a very clean scent, but it does smell quite medical, it did remind me of sitting at A&E, but I didn’t mind the scent.

The cleanser removed the oil from my face and left it feeling fresh. 

The toner to me, felt quite harsh. While it hasn’t dried out my skin, it did make it feel very tight, and tingly to the point where it almost felt like a stinging sensation, which I was a bit concerned about, but it did not make my face any more red.

The hydrating care and the active night care, both feel quite soothing after the toner. Neither feels greasy, both are light and absorb well. My skin feels soft, and smooth on my cheeks.

Unfortunately, these are the only good things I can say about the Eucerin.

The skin on my forehead and chin, my problem areas, after a month of using the Eucerin, is very very bad.

There are a lot of pimples, 3 days ago most of these were whiteheads too.

I have gone back to using some of my previous products for now, as the Eucerin was quite clearly making things worse, but I gave it a chance in the hope it would clear things up, but each day there were new spots.

I’m glad that the Eucerin works for a lot of people, as it is a well priced product. Hopefully more people don’t have the same issues as Me, obviously this system just doesn’t work with my skin, which is unfortunate.

I use the Eucerin SPF 50 sun creme-gel with sun allergy protection, and as I have PMLE/PLE, I swear by this. It’s the only sun creme that prevents my sun allergy flaring up.

I have ordered La Roche Posay effaclar system, which should be here in the next couple of days, I’ve read good reviews on that, and it has been recommended by a friend of mine too.

Have any of you tried the Eucerin? Did it work for you? Let me know!

T x


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