Easy overnight curls – tried and tested 

When it comes to my appearance, I’m super lazy. I will be completely honest with you about that.

I don’t get up early enough in the morming to curl my hair, it takes me absolutely ages to do it.

But I’ve gotten bored of having my hair just down, up in a pony, or in a bun.

So I decided I wanted to find a quick, easy, and heat free way of curling it, and I did that using this tutorial on Pinterest

I put my hair into two sections, twisted it away from my face, and I actually twisted it up into two buns, and secured loosely with hair ties.

I forgot to take a photo of my hair this morning when I woke up, for your amusement dear readers, as my loose buns had become rather messy (and I looked like I had two birds nests on my head)

But these are the results upon taking my hair out of the buns, and combing it through with my fingers:

So the results look pretty decent! 

There are some areas that don’t look as curly as others, but for a first attempt I think I’ve done okay. And the curls are a little tighter than I’d like, I think I’m more of a relaxed, loose curls/waves kinda girl, but as my hair is thick and straight curls usually drop quite quickly for me.

I sprayed it with some hair spray and went off to work. 

After a few hours, my curls had dropped slightly.


(Hello reading glasses so I can see what I’m working on) 

The curls are looking looser and more natural, but I was starting to feel a little sceptical on how they’d look by the end of the day. 


Not looking bad! Curls have obviously dropped a little more but they are still looking pretty decent, so they’ve lasted the whole day at work, and it’s been pretty warm here in my part of the UK today! 


So I’m home from work and changed, I actually think my hair looks better now that it did this morning, nice casual waves.

I think this is a look I’ll attempt more often! 

Only down side, is that there are some areas which are basically straight again, these are at the back of my neck, and don’t seem to be too noticeable, but next time it would be ideal if that didn’t happen! Perhaps it’s the heat from today and the heat from my head?

So, after putting it to the test, I’m pretty pleased with the results from the overnight no heat hair curling idea! 

Any hints and tips on how to get easy waves, and keep them there all day?

T x 


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