My 5 minute make-up look 

Sometimes, you just don’t have time to apply a full face of make-up. When this is the case, there are days where I’ll leave the house wearing none. But then there are other days, where I just feel I’d be happier wearing a little make up, or more often than not, that I have a few blemishes that need hiding!

I feel I have perfected the art of quick make-up application now, but only with the help of the right products.

These are my favourites for a quick, easy, natural look.

The 5 minutes doesn’t include my skin care regime, although that only takes around 5 minutes to complete first.

I’ll start with concealer. Some people may prefer to apply their makeup in a different order but this is what I find best for me.

Pür disappearing act 4 in 1 concealer

I’ve written a review on this product and it’s my absolute favourite right now. Quick and easy to apply, blends well and it’s buildable so you can customise your level of coverage.

I’ll apply this over any pimples, on my dark circles, and a little bit in that little crease where your nose joins your face, as that always looks a little red on me.

Next, eyebrows. My eyebrows are a little unruly, and need taming, ootherwise they sit weirdly. I think this is partly because I’m trying to grow them out right now.

So I use e.l.f clear brow and lash mascara

The lash mascara side has only been used once. My lashes are long and very dark. But they are also very straight, and almost blond at the tips! Weirdly, as my hair is naturally dark. So I personally don’t find the lash side much use.

But the brow side I have used loads, it’s the best clear brow gel I’ve tried. The brush is the perfect size, it applies the product evenly, and the gel has great hold. It doesn’t dry white and flaky like some others I have tried.

I usually move on to eyeshadow next. You could skip this step, but I find that eyeshadow really improves my appearance.

I really like Models Own Barely There eyeshadow palette

You can see that it’s well loved, the brand logo has nearly worn off!

Pick a couple of neutral shades that work well for your skin tone/eye colour. The palette is great as the colours are super neutral. I usually pick a creamy white to go on the brow bone, a light brown for all over my lids, and a dusky pink just above the lashes.

If you’ve got great lashes, you could use the clear mascara from above. But like I say, mine are nice and long but need a little help.

So use Barry M that’s how I roll mascara in black

I love this so much I bought the waterproof version too.

It really helps to give my lashes a little curl, even without a lash curler  (and let’s face it, if you’re in a rush, you haven’t got time to mess with a lash curler)

One coat gives a nice, natural finish. For a more dramatic look you can add more coats (if you have time) as this mascara doesn’t clump, it builds very well.

So what do we have left to do? Cheeks and lips.

I like a good multi-tasking product. Anything that has multiple uses is always a plus in my book.

I used to use bellapiere lip and cheek stain, but I recently subscribed to birchbox and received benefit gogotint

So I’ve swapped the bellapiere for this, as I find it so much nicer. It is a little harder to blend into the cheeks as it’s a watery product as opposed to a creamy product. But I find that you can build the colour intensity easier with the gogotint, plus it lasts much longer. At the end of the day it’s still on my cheeks, though not on my lips, but I carry a tinted lip balm for use during the day.

You’re wondering about the finished look?



Quick, easy, and natural!

T x


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